Getting Started. A Guide for Teachers.

Welcome to Start! This quick guide will help you to set up and get the most out of Start at your school or college.

STEP #1 – Make sure that you’re a Start school

If your school or college isn’t already signed up, please fill in your details here and we will send you a registration code for your students and a separate one for staff. If you already have these codes, just keep on reading!

STEP #2 – Keep up to date

Sign up for our free webinar series designed to help schools and colleges to make the most of Start. You can view and register for upcoming webinars here as well as catch up with anything you’ve missed in the video library.

STEP #3 – Create your own login

As a teacher, you’ll need to use the staff code we’ve sent you (see step #1) when you register. It only takes a few minutes and you can follow these simple instructions to keep you on track.

STEP #4 – Engage other staff and senior leaders

We’ve created a short presentation which you can use to introduce fellow teachers to Start and to let SLT know how the product will help to improve outcomes for students. It also includes the instructions for how they can register themselves. You could email it to staff now – and don’t forget to include your staff registration code!

STEP #5 – Plan how you want to use Start

Once you’re logged in to Start, you’ll see a page full of tools, resources, reports and useful documents for teachers. From here, take a look at the Modules and Activities available to you by clicking on Teaching Resources. We’ve created these modules and activities to help you and your students to navigate through all the information on Start.

You can also view the current modules and activities available here, along with those due for future release.

STEP #6 – Start getting students registered

By far the easiest way to get your whole school or college registered is to take advantage of our On-Boarding Service. This time-saving approach means we do all the work by automatically generating usernames and passwords for every student… as well as sending you a handy starter pack. For more information about this service, email

Alternatively, ask students to follow these instructions and don’t forget to include the student registration code.

STEP #7 – Let parents know what you’re doing

Once you’ve started to register students, it’s a good idea to let parents know so that they can support their child at home – particularly if you decide to set modules and activities as independent or home learning tasks. We’ve drafted a letter for you to adapt or send out as it is.

You should also make sure that your careers programme is communicated on your school or college website. Both the DfE Careers Strategy and Gatsby benchmarks for good career guidance set out this expectation and you can use our website information pack to get started.

STEP #8 – Keep checking the homepage in Start

The featured articles and featured content from employers on the Start homepage (when logged in) are updated on a regular basis with relevant information to support teachers, students and parents.


As always, we value your feedback on what we’re doing well and how we can improve.

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